Breast Cancer – How Stress & Inescapable Shock Causes Cancer


Breast Cancer - How Stress & Inescapable Shock Causes Cancer

Cancer is barely a physical symptom of underlying emotional stress on the body and therefore the body’s cells. however however will emotional stress cause cancer within the body? And why will emotional stress solely cause cancer in some individuals, whereas not in others?

For the bulk of individuals, addressing stress and extremely trying or traumatic events or conflicts is controlled, with relative ease. though those during this larger cluster feel the devastating effects of stress, trying events, trauma, and conflicts, together with grief and loss – trying events area unit seen as a part of life’s challenges, life’s ups and downs, and that they area unit for they most half anticipated and not fully sudden. These individuals area unit ready to advance with their lives quickly afterward.

Those vulnerable to cancer, area unit extremely liable to life’s stresses and trauma, and feel unable to cope once life throws a curve-ball their approach. These individuals area unit perfectionists and sleep in worry of conflict, stress, trauma and loss and area unit deeply fearful of negative events “happening” to them. And once visaged with a extremely trying or traumatic event they need not anticipated, that inevitably happens throughout their life, react adversely and area unit unable to cope.

They expertise inevitable Shock and stay deeply suffering from the expertise. they need problem in expressing their inner grief, their inner pain, their inner anger or enmity, and genuinely feel there’s no reply of the pain they’re feeling within. and since their mind cannot fathom what went on, and remains in an exceedingly state of disbelief or denial, these inner painful feelings area unit regularly perpetuated, popping up stress endocrine levels, lowering hormone and epinephrine levels, inflicting a slow breakdown of the emotional reflex centre within the brain, and making the start of cancer progression within the body.

When visaged with a serious trauma, the cancer temperament feels unfree and unable to flee from the memory of the traumatic expertise and therefore the painful feelings of the expertise. Stress endocrine adrenal cortical steroid levels skyrocket and stay at high levels, directly suppressing the system, whose job it’s to destroy cancer cells that exist in each soul. High stress levels typically suggests that someone cannot sleep well, and can’t turn out enough hormone throughout deep sleep. hormone is accountable for inhibiting neoplastic cell growth. this suggests cancer cells area unit currently liberal to multiply. epinephrine levels conjointly skyrocket at first, however area unit then drained and depleted over time. this can be particularly dangerous news for the cancer temperament.

Adrenaline is accountable for transporting sugar aloof from cells. And once there’s an excessive amount of sugar in cells of the body, the body becomes acidic. this suggests traditional body cells cannot breathe properly due to low atomic number 8. Cancer cells thrive in an exceedingly low atomic number 8 state, as incontestible by Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg. Cancer cells conjointly thrive on sugar to stay them alive. Put simply, an excessive amount of internal stress causes a depletion of vasoconstrictor, ends up in an excessive amount of sugar within the body, leading to the proper atmosphere for cancer cells to thrive within the body.

For the cancer temperament, the news of being diagnosed with cancer and therefore the worry and uncertainty of death represents another inevitable Shock, making another spike in stress endocrine adrenal cortical steroid levels, and an additional call in hormone and vasoconstrictor levels. there’s conjointly an additional breakdown of the emotional reflex centre within the brain that causes cells within the corresponding organ to slowly breakdown and become cancerous.

Learned helplessness may be a key facet of the cancer temperament once facing a perceived inevitable shock, and may be a robust organic process issue of cancer. research worker Madelon Visintainer took 3 teams of rats, one receiving delicate escapable shock, another cluster receiving delicate in-escapable shock, and therefore the third no shock the least bit. She then established every rat with cancer cells that may unremarkably lead to five hundredth of the rats developing a tumor. Her results were astonishing.

Within a month, five hundredth of the rats not dismayed the least bit had rejected the tumor; this was the traditional magnitude relation. As for the rats that perfect shock by pressing a bar to show it off, seventieth had rejected the tumor. however solely twenty seventh of the helpless rats, the rats that had seasoned in-escapable shock, rejected the tumor. This study demonstrates those that feel there’s no reply of their shock / loss area unit less probably to be ready to reject tumors forming at intervals their body, as a result of high levels of stress weakening the system.

Cancer happens at the cellular level. And there area unit variety of things that make stress on the body’s cells, inflicting them to become (1) depleted of epinephrine, (2) high in sugar and (3) low in atomic number 8, wherever they’re a lot of susceptible to change and become cancerous. the upper the sugar content of the cell caused by a depletion of epinephrine, and therefore the lower the atomic number 8 content, the bigger the chance of traditional cells mutating and changing into cancerous.

There area unit variety of things that contribute to a traditional cell changing into depleted of epinephrine, high in sugar and low in atomic number 8. Physiological stresses embrace (and aren’t restricted to): Poor nutrition, Chemicals, Toxins, electrical phenomenon Radiation, Parasites, Liver / Colon / nephropathy, Lack of Exercise, etc. Psychological stresses embrace (and aren’t restricted to): inevitable Shock, pent-up Feelings, Depression, Isolation, Poor Sleep, Emotional Trauma, External Conflict, etc.

In the overwhelming majority of these with cancer, there exists each a mixture of psychological additionally as physiological stresses that have contributed to the body’s cells changing into depleted of epinephrine, high in sugar and low in atomic number 8, inflicting them to change and become cancerous.

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