Pregnancy, Week 24 – What to Look For


Pregnancy, Week 24 - What to Look For

“Once you hit the 24 week stage in your pregnancy, some nice things begin to happen. Here is a look at what you can expect at this point.

The biggest thing you will experience is the end of morning sickness. In most cases you will start feeling pretty good in the mornings and be through with those nauseous feelings.


At this stage your baby is up to around 1.5 pounds and around 11.5 inches in length. Better than that, he/she is just about finished being formed. They are starting to grow what is called, brown fat. What this does is help to keep them warm. Why is it necessary? Basically, it is to keep their body heat from escaping after delivery. It helps them to stay warm, which is always a big concern.


As mentioned earlier, you are past the morning sickness stage. Other than that, you can plan having a glucose tolerance test from your doctor. Weeks 24-28 are the times when you will be tested for gestational diabetes. This is critically important for both you and your baby. Your doctor will explain it in further detail, but this simple blood test will shed a light on any potential problem.

One nice thing you can begin doing, if you haven’t already, is to talk to your baby. They will now begin to recognize your voice and dad’s as well. You can even sing songs to them or play music and they will sometimes let you know they like it. It is amazing to say the least.”

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